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View Instron servo-hydraulic test rigMechanical characterizationInstronInstron 8032
View Large electrodynamic shakerAcoustical characterizationLing Dynamic Systems LDS V964LS
View Shaker for acoustic absorbent materialsAcoustical characterization--
View Tube apparatus for acoustic absorption measurements Acoustical characterization--
View 1 kN Biaxial materials testing machineMechanical characterizationZwick/RoellZwick/Roell 1 kN
View 1 kN Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationInstronInstron 1 kN
View 10 MN Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 10 MN
View 100 kN Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 100 kN
View 160 kN-1100 Nm Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 160 kN
View 250 kN Dynamic load frame with triaxial cellMechanical characterizationMTSTestStar II m
View 30 kN Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 30 kN
View 3D Analysis Software for Materials Science TomographyAVIZOFIRE
View 500 kN Materials testing machineMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 500 kN
View Accutom-5 Precision cutterSample preparationStruersAccutom-5
View ACM BandsawSample preparationACMBS 640
View Advanced Stress Path Triaxial Testing SystemMechanical characterizationGDSADVTTS - 70/100mm 25kN
View Asphalt MixerSample preparationMatestB027
View Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester, AMPT/SPT Mechanical characterizationIPC Global AMPT/SPT
View Automated Saw Sample preparationIPC Global Autosaw
View Band saw Sample preparation--
View Bending Beam Rheometer, BBRRheological characterizationCANNON01
View Brookfield Viscometer Rheological characterizationBrookfield RVDV-II+
View Buehler Simplimet Mounting pressSample preparationBuehlerSimplimet 2000
View Carbolite Tube furnaceThermal processesCarboliteunknown
View Ceramic hotplate Thermal processesIKAC-MAG HP 10
View Confocal Mic. METAOptical MicroscopyZeissLSM 510 META
View Confocal Mic. PASCALOptical MicroscopyZeissLSM 5 PASCAL
View Deckel MillSample preparationDeckel-
View Diode-pumped solid-state laserLaser SystemsCobolt Samba 50
View Drop Shape Analysis System - Sessile drop Chemical characterizationKRÜSSDSA100
View Ductilometer Rheological characterizationStrassentest F7546
View Dynamic Analyzer RheometerRheological characterizationRheometrics RDA II
View Dynamic Contact Angle (DCA) analyzer - Wilhelmy plateChemical characterizationThermo ScientificDCA Radian 315 Analyzer
View Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer, DMARheological characterizationTA InstrumentsQ800
View Dynamic Shear Rheometer, DSR Rheological characterizationTA Instruments AR 2000ex
View Dynamic stiffness test rigMechanical characterization--
View Electric Mixing Tray Sample preparationInfraTest 2016012
View Entech Tube furnaceThermal processesEntechunknown
View Environmental chamberMechanical characterizationMTS651
View Environmental Simulation ChamberChemical characterizationBinderMKF 240
View FEI CM120Electron MicroscopyPhilipsFEI CM120
View Flow resistance meterAcoustical characterization--
View Foam bitumen mixer Sample preparationWirtgen WLM 30
View Foam bitumen plant Sample preparationWirtgen WLB 10
View FurnaceThermal processesCarboliteHT17
View Gatan Dimple grinderSample preparationGatanDimple Grinder 650
View Gatan Precision ion polishing systemSample preparationGatanPIPS 691
View Gyratory compactor Sample preparationIPC Global Servopac
View HBM MGCplus Data Acquisition System Other CharacterizationHBMMGCplus
View HBM QuantumX 8-channel Universal AmplifierOther CharacterizationHBMQuantumX MX840A
View Heraeus Climate ChamberMechanical characterizationWeiss TechnikJT 5050E
View High-resolution Computed Tomography System TomographyNorth Star Imaging, Inc. X-View™ X5000-CT
View High-temperature graphite furnaceThermal processesThermal Technology Inc.-
View Holytech Sander MachineSample preparationHOLYTEK-
View Instron Universal Test Machine 100 kNMechanical characterizationInstron4505
View Instron Universal Test Machine 30 kN Mechanical characterizationInstron5567
View Inverse gas chromatographyChemical characterizationSMS Surface Measurement SystemsiGC Surface Energy Analyzer (SAE)
View IR cameraOther CharacterizationPrinceton InstrumentsI-MAX 1024 E.25/G (Roper Scientific)
View Isomet 5000 Precision cutterSample preparationBuehlerIsomet 5000
View JEOL 2100FElectron MicroscopyJEOLJEOL 2100F
View JEOL 3000SFFElectron MicroscopyJEOLJEOL 3000SFF
View LabEcon 600 Hot PressMechanical characterizationLabEcon 600Fontijne Presses
View Laser oscillator Ti:SapphireLaser SystemsSpectra-Physics3900S
View LatheSample preparation--
View LEICA CLS150Optical MicroscopyLEICALEICA CLS150
View Leitz micro-Vickers indenterMechanical characterizationLeitzunknown
View LIMS testtoolOther processesTest Inc.LIMS test
View Mass spectrometerSpectroscopyHiden AnalyticalHiden QGA
View Matsuzawa micro-Vickers indenterMechanical characterizationMatsuzawaMXT CX-1
View Metal bath Bi-SnThermal processesunknownunknown
View Milling machineSample preparation--
View MTS 100 kN dynamic load frame TomographyMTS810
View MTS 100 kN dynamic load frame (Superpave IDT Test) Mechanical characterizationMTS810
View MTS 204 Actuator 160 kNMechanical characterizationMTS204
View MTS 204 Actuator 350 kNMechanical characterizationMTSActuator model 204
View MTS 244 Actuator 15 kNMechanical characterizationMTS244
View MTS 244 Actuator 50 kNMechanical characterizationMTS244
View MTS 810 Material Testing SystemMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 810 - Model 311
View MTS 815 Rock mechanics and concrete testing systemMechanical characterizationMTSMTS 815 (Load frame model: 315.05)
View MTS Load Frame 312.21Mechanical characterizationMTS312.21
View MXR-160HP/11 X-ray tubeSpectroscopyCOMETMXR-160HP/11
View Mössner BandsawSample preparationMössner-
View Nabertherm Muffle furnaceThermal processesNaberthermC19
View Nd:Yag laserLaser SystemsLitron LasersNano T 250-20
View Neutron activation and analysis instrumentSpectroscopy--
View Olympus BX50 Microscope and Polishing MachineOptical MicroscopyLeicaOlympus BX50
View Olympus Light optical microscopeOptical MicroscopyOlympusPMG3
View Optical fiber spectrum analyzerOther CharacterizationAgilent86140B
View Oven with mechanical convection (240 lt)Sample preparationBinderFP 240
View Oven with mechanical convection (240lt) Thermal processesBinderFP 240
View Oven with mechanical convection (720lt) Thermal processesBinderFP 720
View Phoenix 1000 Manual polishingSample preparationBuehlerPhoenix 1000
View Phoenix 4000 Automatic polishingSample preparationBuehlerPhoenix 4000
View Picosecond Diode Laser Driver and Laser Diode HeadLaser SystemsPicoQuantPDL 800-D
View Platinum Temperature Chamber system TomographyESPEC EGNU12-6CWL
View Polishing machineSample preparationLogitechPM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing System
View Polytec Laser Doppler equipment for vibration measurementsAcoustical characterizationPolytecPolytec OFV 303
View Powerpro 5000 Automatic polishingSample preparationBuehlerPoerpro 5000
View Precise Controlled Atmosphere Glove BoxesSample preparationLabconcoPrecise Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box
View Pressure Aging Vessel, PAV Rheological characterizationGilson Company, IncPAV 9300
View PW 1830/40 X-ray SourceSpectroscopyPhilipsPW 1830/40
View Reverberation roomAcoustical characterization--
View Rolling Thin Film Oven, RTFOTRheological characterizationJames Cox & Sons IncCS 325-A
View Rotating bar bend fatigue testing machineMechanical characterizationSolid MechanicsÖberg 1
View Schenck MTS Fatigue Testing MachineMechanical characterizationSchenckMTS
View Schenck PSB 250 Fatigue Testing MachineMechanical characterizationSchenckHydropuls PSB 250
View Schenk PSA 10 kN Fatigue Testing MachineMechanical characterizationInstron-SchenckHydropuls PSA 04
View Semiconductor laserLaser SystemsTopticaBlueMode
View Single photon detectorOther CharacterizationPerkinElemer-
View Small electrodynamic shakerAcoustical characterizationBrüel & Kjær4817/+4802
View Supercomputer, Dell Precision Workstation R5500 Rack Mounted Other processesDell Inc.Precision Workstation R5500
View Temperature chamber Thermal processesArcTestPL115
View TensiometerChemical characterizationKSV InstrumentsSigma 70
View Test Sieve Shaker Sample preparationHaver EML450 digital plus T
View Thermostatic visibility bath Rheological characterizationTamson TV4000
View Ti: Sapphire laserLaser SystemsSpectra- PhysicsTsunami
View Ti:Sapphire amplifierLaser SystemsCoherentLegend
View Tube furnace 3Thermal processesunknownunknown
View Tube furnace 4Thermal processesunknownunknown
View Ultrasonic disc cutter TEMSample preparationGatanUltrasonic disc cutter 601
View Universal Sorption DeviceChemical characterizationRubotherm200+-00775-swe
View UV excimer laserSample preparationGSI LumonicsPulseMaster PL800
View Vacuum chamber with electrodynamic shaker Acoustical characterization--
View Weiss Climate ChamberMechanical characterizationWeiss Technik-
View VP Scanning electron microscopeElectron MicroscopyHitachiS3700N
View XR-100CR X-ray Detector, Preamplifier and Cooling SystemSpectroscopyAmptekXR-100CR
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